Scoliosis Facts

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine.  The spine has gentle natural curves that round the shoulders and make the lower back curve inward, scoliosis involves a deformity of the spinal column and rib cage.  To varying degrees, the spine curves from side-to-side, and some of the spinal bones may rotate to make the hips and shoulders appear uneven.  Scoliosis occurs in healthy school-age children, showing signs during the ages of 10-14 years of age.  Early screening and treatment is necessary to prevent scoliosis from progressing to a stage where it interferes with mobility or activities.   If you need further information on scoliosis or need an assessment please contact your child’s school nurse.

Additional Resources: The Scoliosis Association, Inc.   www.scoliosis-assoc.org